Cable &Telephone Wiring

Phone Line Repairs Internet Cables And Cable TV

Do you need a reliable electrician to install a new phone line? Perhaps you would like the convenience of watching TV in your bedroom or the flexibility of being online in whichever room you choose to be in.

The installation of additional cables, data points or antenna points may seem like a small adjustment, but the impact on your home lifestyle or your business productivity will be huge. Suddenly, you will be gifted with enjoying your home as you want it. Your work possibilities will soon be endless with the right network.

The Switchiton Guarantee for your phone line repairs Foxtel cabling…

At Switchiton, we are experts in both home and business cabling and wiring. Our friendly and highly qualified electricians are well-equipped with the tools and the skills to get you up and running with minimum fuss and maximum service.At Switchiton Electrical, we provide all of these immediate telephone wiring and cable services for your home or business.

Cabling and Wiring Services for Home and Business

Whatever your communication or cabling requirements, our cabling and wiring services include the following:

Installation of additional phone points

Home extension for ADSL connection

Patchable cabling solutions

Underground and aerial cabling

Repair or replacement of faulty cabling

Office network installation

New data points, antenna points, modem outlets and sockets