Emergency Electrician

Emergency Electrician Sydney

Your 24 Hour Emergency electrician Sydney is here…..

We understand how inconvenient and debilitating it can be to experience a breakdown in electrical systems and appliances.  It usually happens at the worst possible time, and always without warning. Switchiton provides 24-hour emergency electrician Sydney services round the clock.

We provide all our 24 hr electrical services on an emergency basis and we pride ourselves on rescuing homes and businesses daily with our dedicated 1 hour response time.

Unsure if you may need the help of a 24-hour emergency electrician in Sydney? If you are experiencing any of the following scenarios, you need to seek the help of an electrical expert from Switchiton.

Power or lights out?                                                           Electrical smells?

Fuses blew or too hot to touch?                                       Won’t safety switches stay on?

Power poles / Mains down?                                             Did truck collect overhead Mains?

Couldn’t supply authority help you?                              Electrical smells?

Sparks in sight?                                                                  Lights on appliances flickering?

Struck by Lightening?                                                       Alarm Disconnections?

Switchboard / Fusebox Arcing?                                      Arrange your 24 Hour Emergency Electrician                                 Our team of 24-hour emergency electricians Sydney are highly skilled to deal with whatever electrical emergency you may have.

Your 24 hour emergency electrician Sydney may require a level 2 certified electrician which we can also assist you with, this certification puts us at no limits, working on live wires and metering equipment, therefore our service goes above and beyond of an average electrician, giving you peace of mind knowing the job gets done in the one visit. So if you’re unsure, it’s safe to call us….