Hot Water

Can you afford for your electric water heater to not be working as well as it should be?

Hot WaterWhether you have a water heater that is leaking, or one that simply struggles to operate efficiently, it’s wise to arrange for it to be looked at by a trained expert.

Research shows that water heating is the third largest energy expense for a residential home – typically accounting for between 12-16% of the energy bill.  Unfortunately, many people wait until their water heater packs up before they get it looked at. In the meantime, they spend unnecessary money on inefficient energy consumption – when the cost of maintenance is comparatively small.

The Switchiton Guarantee

At Switchiton Electrical, we service, replace and install electric water heaters all the time, saving our customers from unnecessary energy bills and a whole lot of headache.  One of our friendly, highly qualified electricians can be with you promptly, to service, replace or install your new electric water heater with minimum hassle and inconvenience.

Our hot water services include a same-day guarantee and the provision of plumbing services too – so you can rely on us to look after all your hot water needs!

To arrange your free quote call us on 1300 033 066 or Submit an inquiry.

Are You In Hot Water?

Whatever your problem, Switchiton has a solution that is safe, simple and effective.  We can provide you with a same-day and end-to-end expert service in:

Routine water heater servicing

New water heater installation

Water heater upgrades

Water heater repairs

Plumbing services