How To Move The Massive Structure Using Hydraulics

To move the massive structures of thousands, special methods are used.


The hydraulic systems which are specially designed and build have a capability of achieving some amazing results. To achieve the best results, it makes use of the three techniques.

Which technique to use totally depends on the number of factors. The techniques can be better illustrated by examining the applications and by letting know the way the problems were solved.

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Offshore drilling rig jackets are built on their sides and are then dragged on to a barge for transport out to the sea.

The hydraulic jacks are positioned by a latching mechanism engaging a hole in the beam of a gripper mechanism which uses hydraulic pressure to clamp on the beam flanges. One or more jacks can then apply their gigantic push forces on the structure to move it ahead of some distance, usually on the order of 4 ft (1 meter).

Once the jacks are fully extended, the gripper disengages or the progressing load relaxed in the case of a latch, so that the jack can subsequently retract and draw the gripper or latch ahead to re-position itself for another push.

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This inchworm arrangement: clamp, push, unclamp, progress is repeated until the structure is moved the desired distance.

The same method, using wide flange beams as skidding surface, is used to move drill towers around on offshore drilling rigs. In shipyards where boats are built in sections, this method can be utilized correctly positioning them to be welded together.

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