Why Would You Need A Big Tent For The Whole Crew?

We all are very well aware of the basic uses of a tent.

But do we know how to pick the right tent. Tents are used for lot of purposes, for instance shelter to refugees, for organizing medical camps, collage trips and so on.

They are proven to be the best buddies at the time of camping. Forest guards & officers, regular campers, travellers also prefer carrying tents with them.

Not many people have the knowledge of picking the appropriate tent in terms of size, material, design etc. There are lots of online stores available from where you can buy the tent according to your requirements. Here is the official link of the leading tent selling companies: https://www.usmilitarytents.com/.

buy military tents

US Military Tents is in the business for last 30 years, they have maintained their reputation and still continuing with it by manufacturing the best tents of all. They manufacture all kinds of tents that are perfect for all weather conditions.

Military tents manufactured by them endure lots of benefits, out of which few of them are mentioned below:

• Ease of maneuver
• Security
• Camaraderie
• Cost effectiveness

Here are few military tent specifications for your consideration:

While buying a tent, you must check out these specifications first. These specifications are perfect for offering shelter to 4-5 people with their luggage:

• Tent Weight: 150 lbs.
• Poles (wood) weight: 45 lbs.
• Tent style
• Tent sleeping capacity
• Optional tent accessories (this is an essential point to consider)
• Total weight: 195 lbs.

military tents

• Height: 10′ 6″
• Eave: 5′ 8″
• Diameter: 17′ 6″
• Floor Space: 198 sq. ft.
• Materials: 9.85 oz. duck
• Doors: 7′ high on opposite sides, 2 doors in all
• Ventilation: 6 ventilators near peak of tent
• Stovepipe opening: For 4″ pipe. 1 center pole 10′ 6″ needed.
• 6 wall poles 5′ 8″
• 2 door poles 7″
• Pins Needed: 20 rope pins
• 10 pins around bottom of tent
• 30 total pins (You can find out more about other tents with different size and shapes from various web sources.)
• Outer skin, lines, and transport/storage cover comes included.
• Can be purchased with or without the poles set.