All About Portable Battery Charger

Nowadays, everyone, has the smartphones and chargers are required to keep them ON. But sometimes you are unable to charge your mobile phone, especially at the time when you are going out of the station.  

There are many types of chargers, which can be used as a secondary resource in the absence of electrical charger. You can buy portable charges which are easy to carry and are durable.

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Following are some types of smartphone chargers, you can choose according to your requirement.

  • A trickle charger is the type of charger which charges the device slowly.
  • The fast charger which charges the smartphone rapidly.
  • The inductive charger which uses electromagnetic induction in order to charge the device.
  • Solar chargers which use solar energy, and are usually portable.
  • Pulse charger is made up of high instantaneous voltages thus it never overheat the battery.

There are many models of cell phones portable chargers that are available in the market, you can select the one which best suits to your smartphone. Moreover, following are some useful tips that will help you to select the best charger for your phone


The first point of consideration is quality, as it is better to purchase a product that offers the best quality. A good quality charger will enhance the performance of your smartphone or any electronic gadget whereas bad quality will lead to bad experience.

You will be satisfied with the use of genuine products, genuine products are generally offered by some top brands. There are some copies of branded products, so keep aware while purchasing the product.

There have been many incidents about the explosion of phone batteries due to the poor charger quality.  Buying genuine products you will get warranty coverage if any sort of damage happens.

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