Surge Protector Installation

Surge Protector Installation

Can you sleep easy knowing that your home or business is safe from a power surge?

A power surge is a fast, unpredictable rise in voltage that makes its way around your home or office electrical system.  Microprocessors, found in many of your everyday items are susceptible to such ‘surges’ therefore anything you own that contains a microprocessor is at risk.  This includes even smaller items such as your hair-dryer, to larger items such as your TV, washing machine and refrigerator.

The Switchiton Guarantee for your surge protector installation

At Switchiton Electrical, we have helped hundreds of homes and businesses across Sydney protect themselves against the financial consequences of a power surge.  One of our team of highly trained and friendly electricians can safeguard your property in no time at all so that you can have peace of mind that your property is safe.

Why worry about surge protection?

Power surges occur in various degrees and for many different reasons. Some are much more harmful than others, but all eventually lead to long-lasting damage.

Large power surges:

Caused mainly by external factors (most commonly a tree touching a power line or a lightning strike) large power surges can cause immediate damage.  This unpredicted rise in power has the intensity to melt plastic and even metal, causing damage to your electrical circuit and its functionality.

Thankfully such power surges are not frequent.  But the financial consequences when they do occur can often be high.  If your home or office receives a large surge of power, most probably all the appliances that are plugged in at that time will be damaged.

Small power surges:

Most power surges are internal – they occur within the home or workplace.  They also happen many times throughout the day, most commonly when a device is turned on or off.  This action diverts power from one device to another, causing an unpredicted change in direction that has the potential to cause damage.  The most common appliances that cause internal power surges are refrigerators and air-conditioning units, however, even the smallest appliances can create problems.

The effects of smaller power surges are less damaging initially (there is no immediate consequence), however, they gradually rust away an electric circuit over a period of time, until the circuit eventually no longer functions.  What most fail to realize, is that small power surges leave behind no evidence, therefore, we do not know they have occurred, until of course, the electricity circuit shuts down completely.