Tips on Selling Precious Jewelry Pieces

Nowadays, people can actually make a huge amount of money by selling old, unused or unwanted jewelry to a local jewelry shop. The prices of these jewelry metals are too high so selling your jewelry can be a great option to make some extra cash.

Owners of jewelry store such as circajewels are always ready to buy old pieces of jewelry in order to make new pieces for their inventory.

If you have some jewelry pieces that you don’t want to wear anymore then consider selling it to the reputable jewelry buyer and take the advantage of the high price of the metal.

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Listed below are five types of jewelry you can sell to local jewelry buyer to make some extra cash:

  1. Antique Jewelry:

Antique jewelry, also referred as estate jewelry is becoming more popular among younger adults. This is the great reason to sell your antique jewelry that you don’t want to wear.

The jewelry store will offer the cash for your antique pieces and then they break down the jewelry or clean and sell to the customers.

Many people get old pendants, rings from their family members that do not fit their taste. In such cases, you can sell these antique pieces and get the cash in return.

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  1. Watches:

If you have a watch from some premium brands that you no longer wear, you can make some extra cash by selling it. Even if the watch doesn’t work, you can still make some money by selling it to a jewelry buyer.

You can also search for “where to sell a Rolex” on Google to get relevant results.

There are many jewelry buyers who buy watches no matter how the condition of the watch is. The watches that are more profitable to sell our gold watches. You can check inside parts of the watch to see if there is a name of the type of gold used to make the watch.